In November 2015,  we hosted a One Disease Walkabout. Our mob was accompanied by three of our supporters to Bawaka country, located 600km east of Darwin on the beachfront in Port Bradshaw. This was an opportunity for them to learn about the culture of the Yolgnu people who live in East Arnhem Land and also see the work of One Disease.  

We spent a few days in this small piece of paradise where we were welcomed by elder Ritjilili Ganambarr, Bawaka homeland owner Djuwandil Maymuru and Randy Yibarbuk & Chris McSherry from Lirrwi Tourism.

Over this five day adventure, our supporters had the opportunity to undergo a cultural induction, learned traditional food gathering methods, spear making, collecting pandanus leaves, making coloured dyes, participated in bunggul (traditional dance) and met a Crusted Scabies patient advocate.