A snapshot of our work in Western Australia so far...

Over the past few months, One Disease staff - Hannah Woerle and Geneveive Dodds have made several trips across to Western Australia to continue conversations with interested stakeholders. 

The story so far...

We are currently working in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions and have had engagement with the Perth City, Great Southern and South West regions.
What does our engagement look like?
Engagement has included education sessions and discussions around prevalence/perceptions of scabies and Crusted Scabies prevalence in the regions.
We have performed baseline Crusted Scabies audits of clinical files in some clinics to feed back information to services regarding any cases of misdiagnosis.
Current challenges include geographic distribution of services whereby many staff travel extensively and therefore are hard to contact all together. Similarly, travel to areas can be time-consuming for our staff. Competing priorities in services are always an issue regardless of location.

Who have we been engaging with?

WA Country Health Service sites, Aboriginal Medical Services, government agencies, private practices and Aged Care facilities.   

Everyone has been welcoming, excited to hear more, very engaged in education sessions and keen for more information. Services have actively asked for assistance with file audits and ways in which to improve their service delivery regarding skin health.

Our goals:

  • In 2019 we would like to achieve an understanding of the baseline prevalence and/or local perceptions of scabies and Crusted Scabies prevalence in all WA regions

  • Additionally, we would like to have provided on-site education or weblink conferencing education, to services in at least the Kimberley, Pilbara, Mid-West and Goldfields regions.

  • We will have held at least one Healthy Skin Symposium in WA, in the Pilbara town of Port Hedland in June 2019; and

  • Have offered at least one round of 20 grants for the small grants scheme across the WA regions. This scheme funds projects that aim to create Scabies Free Zones within community.