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If you love being in remote communities, want to get involved with disease education and elimination and truly believe in partnership with Indigenous Australians, we'd love to work with you. 

Unfortunately, we don't currently have any positions available at One Disease.

If you would like to find out more about employment opportunities at One Disease, please email

What's it like working at One Disease?

Im in awe of the strength and culture of our First People but equally appalled at the gaps in equality in health, welfare and education. It’s a privilege to work with One Disease, alongside our Indigenous Australians and address these issues in an atmosphere of respect, creativity and 100% committment
— Andy
I love being part of the Healthy Skin Mob because we have tangible goals and I truly believe the way we work together with communities will go some way to heal old wounds. I feel privileged everyday to work with our First People. They teach me about being open and resilient and about the importance of family
— Michele
I work for One Disease because Im passionate about reducing the inequity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous and want to be part of an organisation that is working to make that happen
— Shelley

Volunteer with us

It's a bit tricky for us to offer volunteering positions on the ground. But we are always looking for superstar volunteers to help us out in our Sydney and Darwin offices. So if you're keen to lend a hand and offer your expertise in any way, please send an email with a cover letter and your CV to