Working with local health services (including Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations), One Disease has created a Crusted Scabies Elimination Plan. This Plan has been endorsed by our expert Advisory Board, which includes members who have eliminated disease from remote indigenous communities. 

Our Elimination Plan clearly outlines, against a timeline, all the activities to be undertaken and outcomes achieved, to eliminate Crusted Scabies from Australia by the end of 2022.

Our goal towards elimination is twofold:

•    To improve detection, diagnosis and treatment of Crusted Scabies

•    To prevent recurrences of Crusted Scabies in people who have been successfully treated.

Working with remote Indigenous communities, our approach is holistic, involving the provision of Crusted Scabies education, including the creation of Scabies Free Zones, to local health workers, people with Crusted Scabies, their families, and the wider community. Our aim is to create knowledge bases within remote communities so that people can manage this disease themselves. We also aim to embed Crusted Scabies elimination strategies within existing health service systems.  This strategy ensures effective long-term care coordination for people with this condition.